Magnetic Flux

By changing the permeability of the magnetic material one can see how the distribution of the magnetic flux lines is influenced by changing material properties. Furthermore, the influence of the geometry of the magnetic material on the magnetic flux distribution is shown. The shape of the magnetic material is typical for an inductor.

(1) The symbols "x" and "o" shown in red do denote impressed currents of opposite directions in conductors of infinite length oriented perpendicular to the drawing plane. The positions of these current sources can be changed by dragging with the mouse.
(2) Click on the red triangles to change the value of the magnetic permeability of the material.
(3) The green line represents the plane in between the two current carrying conductors. The magnitude of the magnetic flux through this plane is calculated and represented by the green bar.

Attention: The magnetic flux lines are calculated using the finite element method. Because the computations are very time-consuming it is necessary to run the applet on a fast computer (>800MHz) in order to get good performance and high responsivness. We will improve the overall-performance of this applet in a future release by further optimizing the algorithms.