Interactive Power Electronics Seminar (iPES)


Rotating Magnetic Field

The symbols "x" and "o" shown in red do denote impressed currents of opposite directions in conductors of infinite length oriented perpendicular to the drawing plane. Always two conductors of equal denomination can be considered to for a single-phase winding. The applet shows the magnetic flux lines.

(1) The symbols "x" and "o" shown in red denote impressed current of opposite directions. The positions of these current sources can be changed by dragging with the mouse. Changing the position of the six wires does result in a distortion of the rotating magnetic field.
(2) Dragging the red vertical time-marker with the mouse defines the actual current values in the three single phase windings resulting in a total rotating magnetic field as shown at the left-hand side. By clicking the red text "RUN" with the mouse the time-marker shifts automatically resulting in a rotating magnetic field.
(3) By dragging the red dot on the phase current sine-wave in the time-behavior applet the amplitude of the phase currents can be changed resulting in a changing magnetic field intensity.