Fundamentals of Electric and Magnetic Fields

This module is about basics of magnetic components in power electronics. The applets do visualize electrostatic fields, magnetic fields, the effect of magnetic permeability, rotating magnetic fields, and the systematic design of inductors. The applets in this module are partly based on finite element calculations which might result in performance problems on low clock frequency computers ( < 500MHz). The applets will be further improved and many more applets will be added in the future in order to cover the basics of passive power components in more detail. Currently the module is available only in English, translations will be added in the future.

Electrostatic Fields
Electrostatic Field

Magnetostatic Fields
Magnetostatic Field of Current Carrying Conductors
Influence on Magnetostatic Field by Magnetic Material
Magnetic Shielding
Magnetic Flux

Magnetostatic Field without Magnetic Core
Magnetostatic Field with Magnetic Core
Magnetic Flux
Dimensioning of an Inductor for Power Electronics

Magnetic Fields in Rotating Machinery
Rotating Magnetic Field

Electrostatic Field: To change the position of the charges click and/or drag the charge with the mouse accordingly. The sum of all electrical charges is assumed to be equal to 0. One charge is emitting tiny particles having the same polarity in order to give an impression of the electric field lines. The background color is shaded in dependency of the electric potential.