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Sparse Matrix Converter

The Sparse Matrix Converter is a new kind of AC/AC converter with a reduced number of components and a modulation scheme of low complexity and realization effort, avoiding the multi-step commutation procedure of the conventional matrix converter which could impair the system reliability for operation in industrial environment.

(1) Drag the time-marker (vertical red line) in one of the two time-behavior applets with the mouse. The actual sectors, which are defined by the combinations of signs of the input phase voltages and/or of the output phase voltage fundamentals are marked in yellow and are numbered (there are 12 different sectors for the input and output quantities). The respective switching signals within one switching period and the DC link voltage uZK and the DC link current iZK are shown in the pulse interval applet (right-hand side).
(2) Drag the time-marker in the pulse interval applet (right-hand side). The according current paths are animated in the power circuit applet (top).
(3) Drag the three red dots in the time-behavior applet (output-side voltages u123,out and currents i123,out) for changing the phase relation of input and output quantities, the output voltage amplitude and output-side frequency. Change the phase shift between output voltage and output current with the mouse in order to simulate an arbitrary (non-ohmic) load.