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Sparse Matrix Converter - Important Papers

This is a selection of some of the key papers written on the Sparse Matrix Converter. The material does provide a detailed description of the system, of the control, and does show experimental results. We would like to recommend studying the papers for making yourself familiar with the Sparse Matrix concept. In case of remaining questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
  1. Kolar J.W., Baumann M., Schafmeister F., Ertl H., Stögerer F.: Novel Three-Phase AC-DC-AC Sparse Matrix Converter. Proceedings of the 17th IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference, Dallas, USA, March 10-14, Vol.2, pp.777-791 (2002).

    The paper covers all relevant aspects, i.e. the derivation of the topology, modulation concepts, design (analytical calculation of semiconductor stresses), digital simulations and experimental investigation. Therefore, the paper (15 pages, split into Part I and Part II) does contain almost all information for engineers who would like to start building a prototype of the system.

As for the Vienna Rectifier also for this converter various evaluation systems (10kW, IGBT technology) are available from the Power Electronic Systems Laboratory/ETH Zurich. A 10kW, 400V input, 200kHz switching frequency converter fully realized in SiC technology is currently under development.