Three-Phase Boost-Type PFC Rectifier (AC/DC)

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Vienna Rectifier 1

The Vienna Rectifier 1 is a unidirectional three-phase three-switch three-level PWM rectifier (AC/DC).

(1) Drag the time-marker (vertical red line) in the top time-behavior applet with the mouse to define a point in time within the mains period. The respective switching signals within one pulse period at the point in time selected and characteristic phase voltages and currents are shown in the pulse interval applet below.
(2) Drag the time-marker in the pulse interval applet. The related current paths are animated in the power circuit applet, the actual rectifier input voltage space vector uU(xxx) is shown in red color.
(3) Drag the red dot in the time-behavior applet (top) the input voltage amplitude.

Important: The input voltage amplitude can be further reduced in reality but this behavior is disabled in this applet (such reduction is important for a wide input voltage range applications of the system). The maximum of the input voltage amplitude is of importance for the selection of the system output voltage level, in order to ensure input current control a sufficient voltage margin has to be provided.