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Vienna Rectifier 1 - Design

This applet can be used for a quick design of the Vienna Rectifier 1. The default values of the component parameters are valid for the Power Module IXYS VUM 25 under the assumption of a semiconductor junction temperature of 110°C. A very detailed description can be found in the publication ("Design and Experimental Investigation of ...") where the equations used for the calculations in the applets are derived.

Attention: The definition of the modulation index M in the applet is different from that given in the paper. Furthermore, the given efficiency is calculated neglecting losses due to the auxiliary power supply power consumption, output capacitors, fans, gate drivers, etc. The actual efficiency might therefore be slightly lower.

MOSFET - IGBT: The Power Module IXYS VUM 25 employs Power MOSFETs where the losses are characterized by rDSon, kTP and Coss. In case IGBTs are used as turn-off power semiconductors a current independent component of the on-state voltage drop UfDS has to be considered by specifying a value different from zero.

Extremly high switching frequencies: The applet calculates the losses for switching frequencies below 100kHz. We are currently working on a Vienna Rectifier 1 partly realized in SiC technology with a rated power of 10kW and a switching frequency of 500kHz in order to significantly reduce the system volume. Specifications for the parameters of the loss calculations will be provided with the next update.