DC Drive


Four-Quadrant Converter

(1) Drag the red dot in the car-applet (top, right-hand) with the mouse to change the slope of the street. The load torque (dependent on the slope of the street) defines the current of the DC drive of the car.
(2) Drag (in the top time-behavior applet) the tip of the red arrow to change the firing angle ALPHA1 of the left-hand converter. The firing angle ALPHA2 of the right-hand antiparallel converter is defined as ALPHA2= 180 -ALPHA1.
(3) Drag the tip of the red arrow in the second time-behavior applet to simulate a small error of the firing angle (ALPHA2) of the right-hand converter.
(4) Drag with the mouse the red part of the symbol of the inductor in the power circuit applet (top left-hand) to change its value.
(5) Drag the time-marker (vertical red line) to define a certain time where the current flow is animated in the power circuit applet. (Only the time-marker in the top-applet can be dragged.)