Analysis of Three-Phase Systems using Space Vectors


Calculating of the Phase Quantities Related to a Space Vector

(1) First, click the red text "INIT" at the left-hand applet to initialize the demonstration.
(2) Second, click on the red arrow head of the space vector in the left-hand applet to start the demonstration. As long as keeping the mouse-button pressed the space vector can be dragged in the complex plane. At the same time, the orange point moves along the orange circle in the complex plane.
(3) To stop the animation release the mouse-button. Pressing the mouse-button again continuous the animation.
(4) After one mains period the "Current Ripple" in phase R (red line in the time-behavior applet) is calculated. It does show the deviation of the actual current from a pure sinusoidal waveform. The amplitude of the sinusoidal reference curve is defined as 1.