Analysis of Three-Phase Systems using Space Vectors


Space Vector Based Current Control in a Three-Phase Voltage DC Link Inverter

The blue space vector (at the beginning overlapped by the grey one) represents the (three-phase sinusoidal) voltage uN of the AC-side of the converter. The cyan space vector defines the reference current. It is the current controller's task to follow the cyan reference current space vector as closely as possible. The green space vector is the actual current space vector.

(1) Click the red text "INIT" to initialize the simulation.
(2) Click the red text "GO" to start the simulation.
(3) Click the red text "STOP" to stop.

Select a converter voltage space vector uU (for example (110)) by clicking the tip of one of the 8 black vectors. If a converter space vector uU is active it turns red and influences the actual current (green space vector) according to uU-uN= uL= L di/dt.

The goal is to select different converter space vectors uU (xxx) so that the actual current (green vector) follows the reference current (cyan vector) as closely as possible. The current error (deviation from three-phase sinusoidal curves) is given after one period as "Current Ripple".

Remark: The actual current flow at the DC-side is not yet animated