Applets for Simulation and Animation



Simulation and Animation of a Three-Phase VIENNA Rectifier 1

All components and blocks with green marks can be mouse-clicked to change simulation parameters. The tables showing the results of the numerical simulation are not finished yet. The applet will be redesigned and improved.

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Computers with clock frequencies below 300MHz might have problems to start the simulation immediately.

The VIENNA Rectifier 1 is a unidirectional three-phase three-level PWM AC/DC converter. Main characteristics of the system are sinusoidal current consumption, low blocking voltage stress on the power semiconductors, and low input inductor volume/high power density. A system efficiency of 98% has been verified experimentally for a 10kW/480VAC input, 800VDC output application which is significantly higher than for the six-switch converter. A prototype hardware of the VIENNA Rectifier including full documentation is available from the PES/ETH Zurich (for further information please mail to Johann W. Kolar).