iPES+ Advanced Power Electronic Systems

This is a collection of applets for power electronic systems of higher complexity employed in industry today. The applets are designed for giving an engineer a quick introduction into the system characteristics and features in order to reduce the development time. Besides the applets other resources like links to relevant papers and brief technical summaries are provided. This project will be extended in future on a continuous basis.The material currently is available only in English, translations might be added in the future.

Matrix-Converter (AC/AC)
Sparse Matrix Converter
Conventional Matrix Converter

Three-Phase Boost-Type Unity Power Factor PWM Rectifier (AC/DC)
Vienna Rectifier 1
Three-Phase Six-Switch Boost-Type Converter
Three-Phase Single-Switch Discontinuous-Mode Rectifier

Three-Phase Buck-Type Unity Power Factor PWM Rectifier (AC/DC)
Three-Phase Six-Switch Buck-Type Converter
Three-Phase Three-Switch Buck Converter

A detailed and systematic overview of three-phase PFC rectifier systems is given in the paper

Kolar J.W., Ertl H.: Status of the Techniques of Three-Phase Rectifier Systems with Low Effects on the Mains. Record of the 21st IEEE International Telecommunications Energy Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 6-9, pp.14.1 (1999).

The links shown in gray are under construction and should only give an idea about the planned contents.