Interactive Power Electronics Seminar (iPES)

This is an educational module dedicated to basic power electronic circuits. The module includes DC/DC converters, basic diode and thyristor converter systems, AC/DC inverter, space vector modulation and basic signal theory. In the future there will be minor changes (mainly additions and corrections). The material currently is available in German, English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish and French.

DC/DC-Converter Basic Topologies
Buck-Converter - (1)
Buck-Converter - (2)
Buck-Converter - (3)
Buck-Boost Converter
Buck-Converter: Start-Up with Constant Duty Cycle
Boost-Converter: Start-Up with Constant Duty Cycle
Buck-Boost Converter: Start-Up with Constant Duty Cycle
Boost Converter Inductor Current Ripple

Single-Phase Line-Commutated Diode Bridge Rectifiers
Ohmic Load
AC-Side Inductance / Constant DC-Side Voltage
DC-Side Inductance / Constant DC-Side Voltage
Output Capacitor / Ohmic Load

Phase-Controlled Thyristor Converters with Resistive/Inductive Load
Basic Thyristor Converter
Single-Phase Full-Bridge
Three-Phase Full-Bridge
Single-Phase Half-Bridge / Transformer with Center-Tapped Secondary
Three-Phase Half-Bridge / Delta-Wye-Transformer

Phase-Controlled Thyristor Converters
Parallel Connection / Interphase Transformer
Commutation / Converter Equivalent Circuit
Loss of Commutation
Basic Thyristor Converter with/without Free-Wheeling Diode
Parameters of Current Commutation (Theory)

DC Drive
DC Drive Supplied by a Controlled Voltage Source
Four-Quadrant Converter

Single-Phase Power Factor Correction
Boost-Type Power Factor Corrector (PFC)

Signal Theory in Power Electronics
Fourier Analysis of a Periodic Pulse Signal
Variation of Harmonics of a Rectangular-Shaped Signal with Duty Cycle
Output Filter of the Buck-Converter
Output Current Smoothing of a Three-Phase Mains-Commutated Half-Bridge Converter
Output Current Smoothing of a Three-Phase Mains-Commutated Full-Bridge Converter
Basics of Moving Local Averaging
Moving Local Averaging / State Space Averaging

Single-Phase PWM Converter
Basics of Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
Single-Phase PWM Converter

Analysis of Three-Phase Systems using Space Vector Calculus
Transformation of Phase Quantities into a Space Vector
Calculation of the Phase Quantities Related to a Space Vector (Back-Transformation)
Space Vector Based Current Control of a Six-Switch PWM Rectifier
Space Vector Based Current Control in a Three-Phase Voltage DC Link Inverter

Resonant Converters
Switching Behavior of a Power MOSFET
Influence of Wiring Inductance on Switching Losses
LC Resonant Circuit State-Plane Trajectory (uZi-Diagram)
Basic Resonant Circuit

The following Java applets are part of the Introductory Course on Power Electronics taught by Prof. Kolar at the ETH Zurich. The interactive and animated applets are used as aid for teaching in the classroom and are displayed using a laptop and a beamer. Furthermore, the applets do provide an opportunity for the students to experiment and learn at home more efficiently.