Single-Phase Power Factor Correction


Boost-Type Power Factor Corrector (PFC)

Click the red word "Fourier" in the right-hand applet to calculate the low-order harmonics of the input current. Click the red word "PWM off" in the power-circuit applet to block the power switch in order to simulate a simple diode bridge. The right-hand applet shows a significant increase of the low-order harmonics of the input current for the diode bridge.

The left-hand applet shows the time-behavior within one mains period. Drag the vertical red time-marker with the mouse. A zoom function showing several pulse periods at the point in time defined by the time marker position is shown in the right-hand applet. Here, also the red vertical time-marker can be dragged with the mouse and the corresponding current paths are animated in the power circuit applet.

Click above the red point (at the top of the input current) in the left-hand time-behavior applet to increase the width of the tolerance band of the current controller by each mouse-click. Click below the red point to reduce the width of the tolerance band by each click.